Why You Should Exercise Your Medicare Advantage Trial Right

Health is wealth, as we usually say. This means one of the riches you can have is good health and one of the prized gifts you should protect is your health. With Medicare, you can achieve these goals. Medicare lets you take care of your health effectively and cost efficiently.

While the Medicare Part B giveback program lets you get some or all of your Part B premium cost back, the Medicare Advantage trial right lets you explore which plan is best for you within the 12 months following your initial sign-up into a Medicare Advantage plan. Why not take advantage of these great benefits? This article explores what you gain from a Medicare Plan.

Medicare Part B Giveback Program

Why exercise your Medicare Advantage trial right

There are a lot of benefits you stand to gain if you act on the Medicare Advantage trial right. Here are some of them:

1. Unique service

Everyone is unique and even if you have the same condition with other people, you still deserve unique treatment. The plan you choose should be suitable for your prescription and convenient with your pharmacy. But what happens if the plan does not meet your needs? You may be stuck.

Well, by exercising your Medicare advantage trial right, you can switch to a more favorable plan. Before picking a plan, you can compare the cost of your prescriptions among different plans and the pharmacy you want to patronize. This way, you can minimize your costs.

2. Experience the best of both sides

If you decide to drop your Medicare Advantage plan, you can switch to a Medicare Supplement Plan without any hassle, so long as you act within the rules. This means you can experience both plans and have a feel of what they offer without any gap period in catering to your health.

Likewise, if you already have a Medicare Supplement Plan and wants to try out an Advantage Plan, you can do so knowing that you can return to your original plan within 12 months of joining the Advantage Plan if you so desire.

3. It gives you satisfaction

There is a level of satisfaction that comes with knowing that you settled for the best plan. The Medicare Part B giveback program comes with some plans. With the option of exploring before settling with a plan, you can carefully pick one with the giveback benefit, so long as you reside in an eligible county and have a carrier like Cigna, Humana, that offers it.


Exercising your Advantage trial right helps you get unique healthcare service and experience different plans. It helps you opt for the best plans for you including those in the Medicare Part B giveback program.

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