What to Consider When Choosing a Part B Giveback Plan

Yes, there are certain things you need to think about before choosing the perfect Medicare Advantage Plan with a Part B Giveback feature for your needs. This may be very interesting for individuals who are on a fixed income. You may want to compare some of the benefits of a giveback plan below:

  • The maximum out-of-pocket for the plan in a year
  • Co-pays for services
  • Each prescription costs
  • Ensure your doctors are in the network.

If the costs are much higher compared to other plans available, the giveback benefits at the end of each month may not be worth it. It’s the best time to choose another plan that will offer a lot more as time goes by. Take the time to compare each plan to know what makes the most sense in your situation.

You can also qualify for assistance through the Medicare savings program, where the government pays for your Part B monthly premium. However, if the government is already paying your Part B premium, you will no longer be eligible for a giveback benefit.

Medicare Give Back Eligibility

If you are eligible to enjoy a Part B Giveback feature through a Medicare Advantage plan, then you should know there is a cost for Part B. However, the costs tend to change every year. In most cases, the Part B premium can either be deducted from your Social Security benefit at the end of the month or you can pay it through a different method.

When you enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan that offers a giveback benefit, expect a reduction in your Part B monthly premium at the end of each month. Since the plans may change every year, you need to be aware that the Give Back benefit could change as well.


It’s important to compare Medicare Advantage plans withPart B Giveback features before enrolling for any options. No matter what you choose, consulting with a licensed agent will be helpful when considering various factors. To find out, which Medicare Advantage plan is available in your location, make use of an online location finder and cross-check with a licensed agent.

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