Some shopping tips

Identify your prescription costs with each PDP and each MAPD.  It's easy.  To get your quotes, just enter your prescriptions one at a time specifying brand name or generic, dosage and frequency.  Your results will pop up showing premiums, deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance and the total of these costs for each available PDP and MAPD plan over the course of a year.  (Upon request, our licensed agents will help you with this free of charge or obligation.  Call or Contact.)

Look at the sum of:  premium + maximum out of pocket costs + total prescription drug costs for each Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plan that interests you.  The resulting grand total will reflect your maximum exposure should you incur a costly health care event.  Remember, comparing the cost of premiums only tells you what your minimum costs will be if you are healthy and do not experience any kind of accident or sickness health event.

Decide affordability v. maximum exposure.  After you have gathered your shopping information you will see both lowest minimum costs (premium + prescription costs) and highest exposure (premiums + prescription costs + maximum out of pocket costs) for each alternative.  Ask yourself: Is the lower premium worth the higher exposure?  You decide and we'll help you put the plan in place.